The HCG Diet is a diet that utilizes the HCG hormone as an appetite supressant, and a promoter
of fat excretion. It is a comprehensive weight-loss program which has a duration of approximately
28 to 46 days; in combination with a 500 calorie diet. Prior to beginning the diet, you should
complete a detox diet that will help you to achieve more efficient results.The diet is used in
combination with lipogenesis, and vitamin B-12 injections every week; to increase the metabolism
and the fat loss. It is a good diet for people that want to get rid of excess fat in a short
period of time (for example, to get in better shape for an upcoming wedding, event, etc); but
if a person has difficulty maintaining good eating habits and a good exercise plan, they will
likely gain the weight back. Most people achieve good short term success, but have difficulty
maintaining long term success. For this reason, we recommend this as a short-term diet, and
recommend the P4 Diet as a long-term diet. If attempting long-term success: After completion,
you must must begin a maintenance diet, and maintain good eating habits and an exercise plan
to prevent gaining back the weight. This has proven to be difficult for many people, and this
is why we recommend the HCG Diet as a good way to kickstart your weight loss, before following
up with the P4 Diet.