Our Pulsed Dye Laser treats all types of vascular and pigmented lesions, and is
ideal for treating sun-damaged skin, dyschromia, and pigmented lesions with
unsurpassed efficiency and minimal side effects. The pulse-dye laser is the gold
standard for targeting vascular lesions such as portwine stains, as well as
smaller red vessels, scars and rosacea; and is particularly effective at treating
larger facial and leg veins.


Treatments for these conditions are done using our laser in combination with
other products. Our laser will penetrate into the deeper tissue without
effecting the outer layer of the skin, promoting collagen distribution and
eventually erasing the condition. Most patients need between four to eight
treatments, depending on the severity of the condition, to accomplish their
goals. The most common side-effects are some bruising for approximately three
to five days; mild pain during the procedure; and redness for a few hours.


Our laser deprives warts of their vascular supply, causing them to fall off
without damaging the skin and eventually killing the virus that causes them.
Side-effects can be momentary pain during the procedure for a few minutes; the
wart changing colors for a few weeks until it comes off; and sometimes, the wart
will not fall off, and more treatments are needed.