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Lipo-Dissolve is a
procedure in which a
series of micro
injections (a
combination of two
different products) are
administered into the
fat tissue, causing its
destruction and
excreting it through the
lymphatic system. It is
usually done for approx
20 to 30 minutes in each
area, with multiple
injections. Unlike
Lipo-Ex, most patients
feel mild to moderate
pain during the
procedure; and they
experience swelling at
the site of the
injections. This can
last from seven to ten
days, after which the
results become visible
(another common
side-effect is light
headedness).After the
procedure, the use of a
girdle (or bandages) is
recommended to help
diminsh any pain.
Although Lipo-Dissolve
produces inferior
results to Lipo-Ex,
along with the
aforementioned side
effects, it is a