Laser Hair Removal is an FDA approved
medical procedure that utilizes intense,
pulsating beams of light to eliminate
unwanted hair. It works by using heat to
damage the hair and slow down further hair
growth. Most patients usually require
six to ten treatments to accomplish their
goals, and experience (at least) an 80
percent decrease in hair growth. There
are a small percentage of patients that
appear to be resistant to laser treatments,
or they do not qualify or have the
criteria for their laser treatment (for
example, very light colored hair or very
dark skin).The most common side effects
during the treatments are skin irritation,
very mild skin pigmentation (after a
treatment); and the laser can lighten
or darken the skin, temporarily. Prior
to an appointment, numbing cream, lotions,
or make-up cannot be used. There can be no
waxing, and patients must shave prior to
their appointment as well. Additionally,
there can be no prolonged exposure to the
sun for approximately 30 days before or
after a treatment. Most appointments are
approximately 30 minutes maximum, due to
the recommended time-length/proper
maintenance of the equipment. The most
appropriate laser can be selected for
any given hair or skin type: It's easy,
safe, effective and fast.