Botox is a substance that causes a temporary relaxation of the muscle to diminish the appearance of  
wrinkles. It is distributed by Allergen, and is the only FDA Approved aesthetic treatment to temporarily
improve the frown lines, (targeting wrinkles in the forehead). Usually, botox lasts four months and the
effects are visible seven days to two weeks after the initial injection. We utilize a very small needle to
prevent pain during the procedure. The most common side effects are bruising at the injection site, and
swelling (which goes away a few days after the injection). Dysporte is less expensive than botox, but can
cause some slight discomfort.

Facial fillers (Juvederm/Radiesse/Restylane) are FDA approved substances that utilize hyaluronic acid as a
base component. They are injected intradermally or subdermally to give volume to the areas that have a loss
of collagen (the protein that gives structure to the skin), minimizing the appearance of wrinkles and
giving a smooth look to your face. The most common side effects are pain during the procedure, and bruising
at the injection site. The effects are seen instantly, and the bruising will leave in three to seven days.
Fillers last (approximately) one year.