A non-invasive
alternative for
Exclusive to our facility in the entire State of Utah, we offer a painless and
non-invasive alternative for body sculpting. Usually, the treatments take one
hour (depending on the volume of reduction). It is a very good tool for weight
loss and getting rid of unwanted fat in the areas in which exercise and diet
usually do not work very well. As we grow older, the fat is distributed in
different places due to hormonal changes. When you lose weight through diet
and exercise, your body decides from where you are losing the weight. The use
of our body-sculpting system enables you to take control of a specific area
where you want to lose the weight.

It is a great tool for people that do not want to go through the surgical
process, or do not qualify for it; and it gives the same effect with a
different mechanism of action.

We offer free consultations, with a full medical evaluation to see if
you qualify for our system; and to determine how many treatments you may need
to accomplish your goals. For example, some patients start achieving results
after the third or fourth treatment (which is done on a weekly basis). By
comparison, the downtime for surgery is approximately six weeks to six months
before you start seeing the results, and it is painful. Our system does not
involve any pain, needles, anesthesia, or downtime.

Our system is also excellent for skin tightening; it can be used to get rid of
stretch marks, wrinkles and scars. It promotes collagen that has been lost due
to aging and environmental factors, without the need of any toxins or foreign
substances. It is great for wrinkles around the eyes, the lower face,
lip lines and neck.